pg4 pg3  With a tradition of several decades, SC GRUP Termloc SA Bacau, privately owned, is a name in the construction and installation of Romania.

The company’s main business execution of plumbing, heating and installation of equipment and machinery in buildings and civil engineering, the construction works of utility projects for fluids (water supply network, water treatment plants, networks sewage treatment plants), hydraulic works, construction works of residential and non-residential buildings, road construction works, landscaping works land other.

SC GROUPS Termloc S. A. Bacau has a modern office and production base, made to European standards.
The company has implemented the certificate and “Integrated Management System: Quality – Environment – OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY” according to SR EN ISO 9001: 2008; ISO 14001: 2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2008.

The company has licensed and certified staff in execution of welding equipment and pressure vessels in installing low pressure steam pipes and hot water in the installation / assembly / commissioning of boilers and hot water boilers low pressure steam in repair and testing of safety valves other.

The company performs infrastructure works :
- Water supply systems – supply and distribution networks; capture stations, treatment plants, equipment mounting;
- Piping systems – gravity sewer networks and pressurized pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, equipment mounting;
- Implementation of construction works – schools, nurseries, kindergartens, etc. .;
- Works on highways and their adjacent;
- Works ecological landfill and achieving waste treatment plants.
The company performs other construction, rehabilitation of buildings, interior and exterior installations of all types, waterproofing concrete structures (tanks, ponds, terraces, etc.), installation and commissioning of industrial boiler wall and other.

The production base is made ​​adjacent to the above works: various metal (parapets, railings, stairs, pedestals, caps, etc.), thermal insulated pipes (steel pipe, PE-HD), assemble, repair and maintenance of heating, plumbing, electrical, reconditioning closing valves, pumps, compressors but also repair and check safety valves other.

SC GRUP Termloc S. A. Bacau collaborated and collaborates with companies (offices) in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, USA, others to the distribution of products and equipment for construction and installation work for ROMANIA.