The company GRUP Termloc is permitted in the following areas:
a) Authorization ISCIR in accordance with technical PTA1-2002 for the execution of:
- Assembly / installation;
- Commissioning;
- Service and repair;
- Inspection and operating permit
for appliances burning gaseous fuels, central heating boilers with natural draft or forced draft burners for gaseous fuels programmers and remote systems, multifunctional control devices.

b) Authorization ISCIR in accordance with technical PTC9-2003 works for:
- Installation;
- Installation;
- Repair;
- Commissioning and service;
- Examination, tests, technical investigations appliances burning gaseous fuels;
- Design;

c) Authorization ISCIR welding steel and polyethylene pipe;

d) Authorization ISCIR for verification and repair safety valves

The company has implemented integrated management system, ISO 9001 quality, environmental health and safety ISO 14001 and 18001.