The company performs the following types of work:

- infrastructure works

  • water supply systems – networks of supply and distribution, wastewater collection, treatment plants, equipment mounting
  • sewerage systems – gravity sewer networks and pressurized pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, equipment mounting

- Boiler installation works, industrial and hangings executions of heating

- Construction, installation and interior;

- Waterproofing concrete structures (tanks, pools, etc.)

- Plumbing, heating and gas in buildings

- Maintenance and repair of equipment and heating and plumbing.



In our own production base we are produce a series of works adjacent to construction and installation, such as:

- Miscellaneous metal (parapets, railings, stairs, pedestals, caps, etc.)

- Steel pipe or thermal pre-insulated PE-HD

- Installation repair and maintenance of heating equipment, electrical and plumbing;

- Repairing pumps, compressors, valves reconditioning closing

- Repairs and checking safety valves

- Welding works

- Carpentry metal, wood, PVC

Construction works – assembly company specializes requires providing the technologies needed to carry out the works in accordance with technical documentation requirements and conditions of all equipment and facilities to ensure quality lucrarilor.Obiectivul company consists in optimizing costs by reducing consumption technological by preventing deficiencies in execution, ensuring quick and timely circulation of information and increase the quality of operative management.



1.Water supply systems

  • Commune Orbeni County. Bacau – Water supply and villages Orbeni Short – worth 699,100 Euro
  • Commune Cleja County. Bacau – Water supply villages Cleja Somusca, Little Valley – worth 1,631,210 Euros
  • Chiojdeni County. Vrancea – Water supply – worth 732,860 Euro
  • Commune Secuieni County. Neamt – Water supply – worth 626,967 Euro
  • CRAB Bacau County. Bacau – Rehabilitation Dn 1000 mm pipe culvert – worth 1,080,133 Euros

2.Sewer systems

  • Commune -Bistrita Beresti County. Bacau – Sewage and wastewater treatment plant Beresti villages, Climesti, Padureni – worth 725,690 Euro
  • Commune Saucesti County. Bacau – Sewer networks – worth 496,455 Euro
  • Commune Secuieni County. Neamt – Sewage and wastewater treatment plant – worth 1,245,100 Euros

3.Residential and non-residential buildings

  • CRAB Bacau County. Bacau – Modernization office – worth 557,164 Euro
  • Winery wine Panciu County. Vrancea – Modernisation and rehabilitation of production space – worth 510,563 Euro

4.Installation and central heating systems (Rehabilitation energy systems)

  • Piatra Neamt – Thermal container – worth 780,560 Euro
  • Pneumology Hospital Bacau – Central heating and outdoor heating systems – worth 165,450 Euro
  • Castle Savarsin – Central heating with solid fuel, substation, heating systems – worth 68,986 Euro
  • Targoviste – Provide central heating ANL – worth 258,171 Euro

5 Waste Treatment

6 Roads

7 Design pedestrian (parking)

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